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Fernando Perez

Cristina Lorenzana, D.D.S. Inc. Family Dentist
Javier Lorenzana, (925)522-0277
716 West 10th Street
Antioch, CA 94509
La Doctora y el personal hablan espanol

Soccer Star, Soccer Gear and Equipment
Alejandra y Francisco Arriaga (925) 756-2035
3628 Lone Tree Way
Antioch, CA 94509

Roger Amaya 
620 Garcia Ave, Unit D
Pittsburg, CA 94565

Dear Members, Sponsors and our Community in General:


It has been brought to our attention, that someone has been contacting our Members, Sponsors and our Community in General with False and Illegal allegations about our Non-Profit Soccer League Organization.


Our Organization, takes such False and Illegal Allegations and accusation very seriously and we will take legal actions against such person.


Our Non-Profit Soccer League Organization has been founded in Pittsburg California, with over 30 Adult Teams, 10 U-17 Teams, 8 U12, Teams, 6 Coed Teams. Furthermore, we have affiliated our youth soccer programs with AYSO and have been approved to start our own Pittsburg AYSO Region. In addition, we are adding a new Adult Division to our league, which will be the Premier Division for our more advanced Competitive Adult Teams!!!


Our Non-Profit Soccer League, is registered with the State of California as such, we maintain a General Liability Insurance in force at all times for our Members and Staff. In addition we maintain an Accidental Medical Insurance policy if an injury occurs within our Active Teams Members. Up to Date our Accidental Medical Insurance has paid over $50,000 in Medical Accidental Expenses.


Our Non-Profit Soccer League, membership continues to growth, as such that we are being approached by local youth non-profit organizations, Local Indoor Sports complex, and local cities to volunteer in their sports programs.


Our Non-Profit Soccer League, would like to assure you, that we will not disclosed any of our members private information, nor will allow anyone to continue raising Illegal and False accusation against our organization.


Our Non-Profit Soccer League would like to encourage our Active Members to contact their local City Parks and Recreation office and find out a bit more about our organization. As a local Pittsburg Organization, we have contributed to the City of Pittsburg over $100,000 in Field Rental Usage, since we started our soccer programs. Furthermore, as our soccer programs demands continues to growth, we are stared to use Field Facilities in Antioch.




Jose Perez

BAIAYSL, President

Pittsburg AYSO, Regional Commissioner 
Fernando Perez, BAIAYSL Vice President  

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